Well that didn’t go as planned…

So I didn’t even get one post up for the Story-a-Day challenge last year. But I have a very good reason…my career started taking off! Now I get paid to write for my kids’ school, a place I love. I’ve started a blog for them, I help manage their social media, and I write press releases. I also managed to get a monthly column for Gettysburg Life magazine, in addition to my monthly column on behalf of the school for the local papers.

Life is pretty good.

But my creative yearnings haven’t stopped. And in the past couple of weeks, a story has been churning around in my head. I actually started writing it yesterday at my son’s football practice. It is aching to come out, and I don’t think I can wait until November and NaNoWriMo to commit it to paper–er, laptop.


Yowza! Now that’s writing inspiration right there…

I may, however, have to wait until I can find the most efficient portable way to write at the football games and practices I am committed to almost daily. The Macbook is on its last leg, and the Acer is a little too big to lug around. And forget typing on the phone or the iPod; both are too small, and the touchscreen makes my hand ache after a while. I actually used a notebook and a pen the other day, which worked. Except my handwriting rivals that of gorilla’s.

Although… perhaps this is a good enough excuse to indulge in my journal obsession. Afterall, it would be cheaper to just buy some journals and good pens than to pick up a Galaxy Tab or a new Lenovo, right? At least that’s the argument I’ll use with the hubs.

Well, the kids are in bed (or at least on a different floor than me), so now is a good time to figure out my characters’ names and traits. I’m thinking Jack and Lainie for the protagonists.

Wish me luck!



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