Reblog: Acquiring a Literary Agent by Allen Rivers

I’m at the beginning of my submission journey. So far, results include: 3 rejections all stating “not a good fit” at this time; revision of the query letter; and a gentle rewriting of the first chapter. This post popped up in my Twitter feed at just the right time. It’s a great reminder to keep up the fight. I’ve had so many dreams over the course of my life that I’ve had to give up due to circumstances beyond my control (damn that astigmatism–I could have piloted the Space Shuttle!), but this is one long-held dream that is well within my control. Like Allen, I don’t dream of big money and fame. I just dream of being published and knowing I brought some literary enjoyment to perfect strangers. That’s cheesy, I know. But if you know me well, you already know I’m a huge cheeseball. The port wine and cheddar kind covered in nuts. Now, go on and read this and be inspired to keep at it!

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