Reblog: Acquiring a Literary Agent by Allen Rivers

I’m at the beginning of my submission journey. So far, results include: 3 rejections all stating “not a good fit” at this time; revision of the query letter; and a gentle rewriting of the first chapter. This post popped up in my Twitter feed at just the right time. It’s a great reminder to keep up the fight. I’ve had so many dreams over the course of my life that I’ve had to give up due to circumstances beyond my control (damn that astigmatism–I could have piloted the Space Shuttle!), but this is one long-held dream that is well within my control. Like Allen, I don’t dream of big money and fame. I just dream of being published and knowing I brought some literary enjoyment to perfect strangers. That’s cheesy, I know. But if you know me well, you already know I’m a huge cheeseball. The port wine and cheddar kind covered in nuts. Now, go on and read this and be inspired to keep at it!

An Author's Journey

This is the type of blog posting authors have read many times before. All of us who’ve aspired to have an agent have undoubtedly searched the internet, looking for any bit of wisdom, tips, or faint glimmer of hope. I know I’ve been there before, reading the same information in a different package, sometimes gaining nothing but still being unable to pull my eyes away.

What can I say? I was caught up in the dream.

But through hard work and some fortune I made the dream a reality. I’m going to cover tips and advice in later postings, but for now, here’s my personal story. I hope it can provide valuable knowledge and inspiration for all of those fighting to get their chance.

Let’s start with the first attempt, the one I like to call the reality check. I was 21 and had just finished my second novel. This…

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Sweet Reads: Fighting Diabetes One Romance at a Time


Excuse me while I put my pen down and pick up my fan-girl flag…

Last spring, I was going through Barbara Freethy withdrawal. I’d finished all the novels I could get my hands on and I wanted more. Lo and behold–there she was as part of an anthology of romance novels, A Sweet Life, curated by Brenda Novak and on sale as part of a charitable effort to raise money for diabetes research.

Best $2.99 I spent last year.


You thought I was kidding about the fan-girl thing? Hah. I moved heaven & earth–and dragged 2 sweaty 10-year-old football players to a romance book signing–just to meet one of my favorites, Brenda Novak. Bonus: I got to talk to fellow Yankee Kristan Higgins, too!

Not only did I discover some great authors and new favorites (including Mrs. Novak), but I got to be part of a cause I’m familiar with. My younger sister has diabetes and has struggled to control it since her diagnosis a few years ago. A dear friend of mine became a crusader after her young son, who is the same age as my daughter, was diagnosed with Type 1. Brenda Novak started raising awareness and funds after the diagnosis of her own son, Thad, at age 5. Diabetes touches everyone.

This year, Brenda has a cookbook (Love That!) and three new multi-author boxed sets coming out (Sweet Talk, Sweet Seduction, Sweet Dreams), with proceeds from the sales going toward the Diabetes Research Institute. I urge you to do your part for this worthy cause–the price you’ll pay for each set is a pittance compared to what your ten bucks will help do in the fight against diabetes. Pre-order your copies now from your favorite digital e-book retailer; they will be released on May 1st and only available through June 30th. Trust me–you’ll love them!

For more information, visit Brenda’s official website and Brenda Novak for the Cure of Diabetes.

Sweet Reading!